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The dangers of non-stick cookware

Toxic chemical PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) is released at high temperatures.
Coating can flake off and be ingested. 

Cooking with Teflon can make a person sick with a temporary flu if a pan gets overheated.
DuPont issued a consumer warning that fumes from overheated Teflon can be lethal to birds.

Some of the potential effects on human health are:

• Thyroid Dysfunctions
• Osteoarthritis
• Liver problems
• Immune Disorders
• Delayed Puberty 
• Increased levels of uric acid
• Cholesterol changes

The PFOA commonly found on non-stick cookware is possibly carcinogenic!

Are you eating your cookware? 

Leaching of heavy metals from household cookware is a health concern. These materials can enter the food that we eat and tend to bioaccumulate their concentration over time.  

Although toxicity depends on the amount ingested, exposure to cadmium and lead can cause severe toxic effects even in low amounts.

A recent study on other cookware 

While both cookware studied may pose health concerns, it is probably advisable to discontinue the use of aluminium cookware 

… aluminium containers should also be discouraged to exposure of food to leaching even at low concentration.”

What the experts say about Lead exposure 

There are no regulatory standards specific to lead in cookware but the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have determined that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

Let me share to you my story.
 Just like you, I was desperate for a solution...

It all began when I gave birth to my son in 2005.

He was lactose intolerant and had skin diseases. Like any parent who wants their children to be strong and healthy, I started studying about his health conditions and its causes.

I looked at water filtration, I got more selective with my groceries and we rarely ate out and when we do, it must be healthy.

I was turning into a health freak and I really became one in 2008; that was when my mum died of health complications (God bless her). From that point on, health became my #1 priority.

But then things got worse…

When we moved to Singapore in 2009, my entire family had health issues!

My husband had high blood pressure, my daughter had digestive problems, and I had irritable bowel syndrome.

I didn’t know why we were in such a bad state of health. I felt completely helpless!

We went back home to Australia, and by that time we were quite desperate for solutions. One day, I learned about the importance of cookware, the different cooking surface and the dangerous ones to avoid.

Here’s what I’ve found out...

Dr. James Meschino, Director of Nutritional Therapy at the Cancer Immunotherapy Center and the author of “The Meschino Optimal Living Program - 8 Steps to a Healthy, Fit, Age-Resistant Body”, said:

“Health-conscious people go to great lengths to eat only organic food, with no preservatives… but the cookware you use to cook your food is also very important because certain cookware can leach dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that can accumulate in the body...This has been proven.

And some of these chemicals are more dangerous than any man-made preservatives or artificial substances. So you really want to try to avoid or minimise your use of dangerous cookware, then use the safest cookware that’s available.”
There are hundreds of articles online about cookware, but what I’ve learnt is:
Cheap, low-grade cookware can leach harmful, poisonous metal into your food and non-stick cookware can release harmful fumes!

When my son told me that the meat I cooked tasted like metal, he confirmed my suspicions - 
so I threw away all of my cheap cookware immediately.

I then found out a material called 316Ti Titanium Stainless Steel that is non-reactive and highly resistant to corrosion and pitting. I also learnt that the addition of Titanium makes this 316Ti extremely tolerant to high temperatures thus creating the best possible cooking surface available.


Within a year of using this hybrid cookware, my family’s health drastically improved! In fact, all of our health problems disappeared!
We were at our healthiest state ever, and I honestly believe it was due to the change of cookware.

My husband’s blood pressure lowered, my daughter had no more digestive problems, and I didn’t have any more issues with my bowels.

The best part? Seeing my family extremely healthy and happy!

Now, I’m not saying that the cookware was the direct cause of my family’s health transformation, but I personally believe it was one of the main reasons.

In fact, we believe it so much that we started our own cookware called Nutricraft - your Safest Premium cookware brand!


Ever since our family’s health transformation, my husband and I started asking; “What if there are other families who are experiencing the same problems? Do they know that their cookware could be affecting their health?”

We thought that if it happened to us, it could happen to others - so we put it on ourselves to educate as many families as possible.

The other reason why we started our own cookware is that we also wanted to make Nutricraft a household brand for the health-conscious families ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

We managed to manufacture a high quality cookware at a Factory-Direct price!

There may be other cookware companies out there which uses 316Ti but Nutricraft costs less & is far superior in quality and performance!

Nutricraft is not your ordinary pots and pans. Its unique features and construction makes it the safest and smartest cookware!

Not only do we provide a hypoallergenic and a non-reactive cooking surface, the minimum moisture method of cooking can retain up to 98% of the natural nutrients from the food according to Paul R. McCann, Author of The Science of Nutrition.


The dangers of using low-quality cookware are real.

If you keep using them, your body is going to accumulate all those nasty chemicals and heavy metals.

And if you’re the family’s cook, you might be feeding your family and your kids with nasty chemicals. You might be ok now, but what about a few years later?

If health is important to you, then I highly recommend you change your cookware to Nutricraft cookware.

Thank you so much for reading my story.

Judith Viado, Co-founder of Nutricraft®

Our Solution to 
Health-Conscious Families!


Features that YOU can benefit from 
Nutricraft cookware

What makes Nutricraft different 
from other cookware?

Why keeping the nutrients important
while you cook?

Why Nutricraft Cookware?

You can cook and clean fast, so you have more time for family and the things you enjoy.

The Nutricraft cooking system is engineered to cook so you don’t have to. The enhanced full body Thermal Core construction, unique to our cookware, distributes heat evenly. This means, no pot watching or stirring.

Meals are cooked quickly because food cooks from all sides, not just from the bottom. Our precision vapour seal creates a vacuum, locking in moisture and flavour. Our durable, non-porous cookware is designed for fast, easy clean up so you don't have to worry about cleaning time. 

Your one time investment in quality translates to lifetime benefits.

Nutricraft is an investment in quality demonstrated by our 50 year warranty. This cooking system saves your family time and money by using lower heat and less cooking time, which means lower energy bills.
With Nutricraft, you are encouraged to dine at home with faster, easier, tastier meals. With our minimum moisture, vacuum sealed cooking system, food shrinkage is reduced, resulting in more bang for your grocery dollar. 

You get ALL the nutrition from the food you cook so you can eat and live healthily.

Make health a priority in your home with highly nutritious and delicious meals. Superior heat distribution minimises the need for moisture and heat, thus, maximising vitamins and nutrients in your fruits and vegetables!

With little need for grease and oil, low-fat cooking becomes effortless. The 316Ti Surgical Stainless Steel + Titanium is non-reactive, so your cookware is absolutely safe and does not leach chemicals or metals into your food.

Your food retains nutrition AND you get to truly savour its great flavor.

Did you know that high heat kills the nutritional value in your foods? Nutricraft's low heat cooking retains and maximises the natural flavour of your food. Your vegetables cook at 165°F or 74°C.

Our vacuum seal ensures tender, juicy meats and lively, colourful vegetables, thereby eliminating the need for butter, salts and other additives.

Nutricraft versus Competition

Nutricraft Is Your AWARD Winning Cookware!

We carry an extensive product line of greaseless and waterless cookware to promote health and nutrition to Australians and the rest of the world. 

In fact, we’ve cooked for kids and their parents are AMAZED at how much their children loved the food we cooked!

But don’t just take our word for it.

When you invest in Nutricraft Cookware, you are investing in an AWARD WINNING BRAND that is recognised to be the best of the best!

We have worked hard to create a product that can help families and even communities, and so we take pride in being a BUSINESS SUPERSTAR, having been selected by respected industry experts as a topnotch brand:

•     Bronze Stevie Winner under the Category Company of the Year - Consumer Products - Durables - Small
•     Winner, Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Excellence in Corporate Innovation Consumer Product Category 2020
•     Finalist, Altitude Awards Two Partnership Business Category 2020
•     Finalist, Altitude Awards Best Online / Digital Business Award 2020
•     Finalist, Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2020
•     Finalist, Outstanding New Business, Local Business Awards 2020
•     Nominee, Telstra Business Awards - Emerging & Energised Category 2020
•     Nominee, Telstra Business Womens Awards Category 2020
•     Finalist, Hills District, Small Business Awards 2019
•     Finalist, Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence 2019
•     Finalist, Aus Mumpreneur Business Awards 2019
•     Finalist, Changemaker Category, Altitude Awards 2019
•     Winner, Inspiring Business Growth Competition, Alpha International
       Marketing and Management (AlphaIMM) 2019
We know that you will enjoy cooking with Nutricraft cookware and guarantee that our cookware will last more than a lifetime so we'll give you 50 years transferable once warranty so your next generation can also enjoy the quality and health benefits of Nutricraft cookware.
What Are Others Already Saying About 'Nutricraft?'
Muneer, a health conscious dad
United Kingdom
"I definitely think that cooking with Nutricraft has given me peace of mind that I don't have metals leaching, secondly, it's made me more aware of maintaining nutrients so cooking with low to medium heat (huge change for me) and that it will save energy (especially not turning on oven for a cake)."

Christina, a health conscious mum
Sydney, Australia
"Thank you! Everything else arrived today and I was able to use one pot for dinner last night. I need to look at the website to see how to position the dial on the lid. It may be helpful include a short "how to" postcard. I'm looking forward to cooking more soon! Thank you for the cookbook!! I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I appreciate the way you are helping all of us become more healthy! I watched The Devil We Know. Shocking!! All other cookware shouldn't be trusted."

Alisa Evans, Executive Director
Alive at Last
Texas, USA
"Judith is an incredible purpose-driven business lady I met at the Inspiring Business Growth Program with Theresa from AlphaIMM. Her passion for educating the public on the importance and benefits of using non-toxic cookware has driven her and her husband extra miles ahead with their business, NutriCraft. She reminds us how to care for those we loved through an understanding of not only eat healthily but what we use to cook, the cookware we put on the fire, boiling yummy soups, stir-frying, steaming, etc, how it has a direct impact on the quality of each meal. Well done Judith, your business deserves a big success because you stand firm on your mission to bring health back into the woks."

Eleen Yaw, Yin Latte Yoga
Sydney Australia
"Hi Judith, Just letting you know I have received my cookware. Thanks for all your help and excellent customer service!!!"

Nicole, a health conscious lady
Ontario, Canada
"Judith Viado is an accomplished woman who has a great passion for helping people to be healthy. Her Nutricraft cookware does just that. I purchased a frypan after Judith explained at a meeting for Inspiring Business Women where it was stated that frypans with Teflon can be scratched and not healthy. I looked at mine and decided that Judith was right. I now find when cooking that the awesome product delivers great ways to learn its process as not able to scratch the bottom by cooking simple and complicated meals is beneficial and healthy. I Thoroughly Recommend these products of awesome cookware. If you want to be healthy with your cooking implements this is the way to go. Please contact Judith Viado on"

Noela Macintosh, Dynamic Business Collaborator
Sydney Australia
As you can see....
Nutricraft has already helped
countless people around the world!!!
The Question is, are you next?
Keep your family safe by PREVENTING TOXINS INTO YOUR FOOD. 

Switch to the safest and smartest cookware for
healthy, nutritious and non-toxic meals! 
Make the SAFEST and HEALTHIEST choice for your family this year.
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